Thursday, July 10, 2014

Color Blocking your Nursery

 "Color Blocking" your nursery

"Color blocking" is a design concept using multiple solid colors together.  We have seen or heard the term most often used to refer to clothing, but it works just as well when decorating a room.  In fact, the more fabric used in the room the stronger your color blocking statement will be.

Follow the simple steps below to create your "color-blocked" nursery.
  • Start by choosing one fabric print.  This print will act as your inspiration.
  • Next choose coordinating solid colors.  
  • The less you use the print, the bolder your color blocking will feel.  Use the print one or more times, then fill-in the rest of your fabric spaces with the colors you've chosen.
  • Feel really daring, use the print for inspiration only, then fill the whole room with 3-4 solids inspired by the print.  Pull everything together by framing a piece of the inspiration fabric to hang on the wall. Baby Bedding Sets

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