Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Creating a Gender Neutral Nursery

"We want to be surprised" is getting to be a common answer to the question, "Are you having a boy or a girl?"  Many doctors today say about 50% of the couples they see decide not to learn the sex of their baby in advance.  Although adding an element of surprise to the birth, this decision can present some challenges when designing your nursery, especially if the traditional gender neutral colors, yellow and green, are not your favorites.  Today, there are many other colors available to you.  Gray is a great color to use in the nursery whether or not you know your baby's sex in advance.  Mix it with white or cream to create a soothing feel or mix it with bright colors to add some fun.

But gray isn't the only gender neutral color you can use.  Colors like red, orange, black, and tan don't immediately come to mind as being gender neutral, but they can be easily used to create the perfect nursery for a little girl or boy.  Love red, combine it with white and tan solids and prints for a modern look.  If orange is you color of choice, mix it with yellow and shades of green.  And don't forget black, used with bright colors and prints you can create an up-to-date nursery that easily fits in with your home's decor.  So have fun, it's time to create the perfect nursery!


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